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Welcome to Shore Zen

Our Intention

Have you always wanted to try Mind/Body classes like yoga, pilates and barre but feel intimidated by the atmosphere? We love anything and EVERYTHING associated with being mindful and practicing a healthy lifestyle. We are taking a step outside of that traditional wellness box. Intentions are set high in our Shore Zen studio. It is our intention to have fun, work-out and bring happiness to our bodies all while exploring different variations and forms of yoga, pilates and barre classes! Interested in massage? We've got that too!

Quarterly Workshops

It makes our hearts happy to learn, try and experience new things! Take a look at our workshop schedule! We have NEW workshops scheduled each quarter to help take our mind/body practice to a whole new level. Be sure to download our quarterly event schedule!

october's Schedule


Beginner/Gentle Yoga

 The gentle yoga practice will take participants through a series of gentle yoga postures that will leave them feeling restored and relaxed. Perfect for those who are looking to start a yoga practice! 




Rock Your own personal yoga practice! In this class we fuse Vinyasa Yoga, strength training, interval training with awesome music. This class is perfect for people who are looking for the complete package in a work out. Plan to sweat, smile and work hard. All levels are welcome.


Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic fun flowing yoga practice will take participants through creative sequences and yoga postures that connects their movement and breath. This practice is perfect for those who are looking to add energy, strength and balance into their flow. 


Mat Pilates

This format takes everything that you LOVE about Pilates and condenses it down to 30 minutes. We keep things simple. All you need for this class is an open mind, your body weight and a smile on your face! 



Another Shore Zen Original! Be prepared to move! Shore Zen Shred takes basic yoga moves and ramps up the energy by fusing them with the tabata formula! We move to great music and use any prop we can get our hands on!


Restorative Yoga For ALL

How awesome does this class look? In this relaxing style of yoga we intend to help your body heal, feel nurtured and calm while using blocks, bolsters and yoga blankets. Let’s teach our bodies how to relax again.



We integrate the use of the ballet barre and light weights.. Classes include effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises with an emphasis on the core, arms, seat and thighs. This is the perfect place to start if you're looking to try a barre class!




Yin can be the perfect practice for your Yang lifestyle. It is the practice of holding postures for a longer period of time. Usually from 45 seconds to 2 minutes for beginners. 


 This practice incorporates a dynamic flow of yoga postures and then balances that flow by incorporating the Yin (or holding of postures). 




Dynamic Asana, deep abdominal toning and cardio intensive dance. But Yoga is incredible energy. From the music to the movements anyone who takes this class will fall in love the practice. 

LesMills bodyflow

Ideal for everyone and anyone! During BodyFlow an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.  

LesMills Barre

LES MILLS BARRE™ is a modern version of classic balletic training; a 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday. Incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music, LES MILLS BARRE is a combination of cardio and strength with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and very light weights.

If you're seeking a different style of training or a new kind of self-expression, you will love LES MILLS BARRE. Without 

Barre Intensity

This isn’t your average barre technique. Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training to present a powerful and intense barre program in the group fitness space. 

Tai Chi

Training for balance and postural control Integrates yin-yang theory through interweaving states of instability and stability for equilibrium training.  Tailored, therapeutic, and functional.

***This class happens in 6 week segments and will be offered a few times a year! Check our schedule to see when it is offered! 



PIYO is a strength fusion style format for people who like to sweat! Short bursts of cardiovascular work and strength training for all over body conditioning! Incorporating dynamic balance, dance conditioning, plyometrics, strength, and functional training emphasizing the athleticism of Pilates and yoga.

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