What is Health Coaching?

Be held accountable!

Health Coaching at Olympia Fitness Club is a program that facilitates sustainable behavior change in holistic health and  clean eating lifestyle optimization for the achievement of one’s “personal best”.  Health coaching challenges the client to follow through with with newly created strategies relating to Super Foods and healthy eating with support, accountability and encouragement. Programs are individualized. Everyone is unique!

Some Key Features

  • Super Food identification
  • Recipe planning
  • Food label understanding
  • Portion coaaching
  • Restaurant survial
  • Basic cooking skills
  • Emotional eating
  • Food prepping for conevenience
  • Organization strategies
  • Written tracking coaching
  • Self discipline and goals
  • Snack planning and survival
  • Discovering what works
  • Zoning in on personal "triggers"

Meet your coaches!

Tracy Desjardins


 Helping clients discover their individual food-mind-body pathway to their Personal Best is my passion and mission. When we feel our best we inspire others, fulfill our individual life purpose and ultimately make the world a better place. It all starts with a FREE session with me to begin this powerful change together. 

Nicole Ingley


It my purpose and mission to help guide, educate and inspire anyone interested in health coaching! We are all in this together. By even reading this you have taken the first step to your own personal change!

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